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Showing: 6th edition Guadalajara 2024

Interview - INBMEDICS

Explore INB Medic's thrilling encounter at Medical Expo Guadalajara 2024.

Interview - SURTIMEDIK

Expand your business in the medical device industry with Surtimedik. Position yourself as a prominent distributor and tap into a business segment that enhances your revenue and market visibility.

Interview - MEDIMARCAS

Medimarcas invites you to a new era in hospital supplies. Offering high-quality products and exceptional service, we revolutionize the acquirement of medical and surgical supplies, elevating healthcare standars


Discover a realm of opportunities in the healthcare sector with Ingenio Clinical. By providing advanced medical equipment sales, distribution, and specialized maintenance services, we deliver holistic solutions for your healthcare facility.

Interview - Corporate Interview

Explore the future of anesthesia and respiratory therapy with Dimedical. As pioneers in specialized medical equipment, we provide cutting-edge solutions to enhance patient care quality.

Interview - FARMACUR Interview

Simplify daily routines with Farmacur's Easy Bath! Perfect for both households and medical facilities, this innovative product facilitates personal care for individuals with limited mobility.

Interview - Respiro 2

Respite 2: A reliable healthcare partner specializing in respiratory therapy, anesthesia, and more, providing high-quality products and exceptional experiences.

Interview - Medical Universe 2000

Explore respiratory therapy with Universo Médico 2000. We provide leading brands favored by major private hospitals in the US. Access competitive prices and top quality medical equipment.

Interview - Biomedic Tinajero Interview

Biomedic Tinajero is your partner in surgery and sterilization, specializing in top-quality medical equipment. Enhance your processes with our advanced technology.


Explore exceptional patient care with Di Medical del Bajío. Experts in medical equipment for inhalation therapy, anesthesia, and sleep apnea.

Interview - PROEMIER

Premier: a leader in medical equipment for clinics and hospitals. Enhance the quality of care with our advanced technology and specialized solutions.

Interview - Private Hospitals Association of Jalisco

Join the Private Hospitals Association of Jalisco: Your advocate for interests, engaging directly with health authorities and providing valuable workshops for hospital personnel.

Interview - Damas Pro Hospital

Explore Damas Pro Hospital: 75 years of solidarity. We cater to emotional, spiritual, and economic requirements of every patient at the Civil Hospital. Each action contributes to your journey towards well-being and optimism!

Interview - 4ÜR PEOPLE

4UR People: Your essential partner for business growth. Providing payroll, accounting, recruitment, and legal advisory services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Interview - Hospital San Javier

San Javier Hospital provides exceptional tertiary hospital services, offering advanced technology and specialized care tailored to each patient.

Interview - Wine Route

Embark on a journey of unforgettable flavors and landscapes along the Wine Route in the Independence Valley, Guanajuato. Explore the wine the delicious of the region, where each vineyard provides a distinctive experience.

Interview - SIAI

SIAI: Your ally in medical endeavors. Providing furniture, medical equipment, and power systems for imaging facilities. Rely on us to elevate your investments.

Interview - UVM

UVM: The portal to provide skills to healtcare leaders. We provide undergraduate and graduate degrees in health sciences to cultivate healthcare leaders.

Interview - Sertec

Sertec provides comprehensive solutions for hospitals, offering loans and state-of-the-art industrial washing and drying equipment to enhance medical infrastructure. Trust us as your partner.

Interview - Biomedical instruments and products originating from Mexico.

Biomedical Instruments and Products from Mexico: A dependable source for ventilation, monitoring, and anesthesia consumables, along with oxygen mask. Offering quality and a range of options for advanced medical care.








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